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    Type of Chute
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    Infeed Chute
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    Infeed Chute
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    Straight Chute
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    Non-standard Chute
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    Spiral Chute in Timelapse
    our timelapse portfolio

Benefit of Boldgates Chute

When there is a descend application, Chute is definitely the best solution

Low Sound Level

Diminish noise hazards during operation. Sound Level Reading: below 78 dB(A).

Low Friction

Reduce the impact of the objects hit on the chute side wall during movement.

All Parts in Consistency

Each chute parts are designed to have consistent degree: 45°, 60°, 90° etc.

User Friendly Installation

Installation as lego-like design parts enable user to assembly at ease.

Flexible Extension Work

Allow extended length for poles to be added after complete installation.

Strong Coating

MS chutes sections painted in Primer & Epoxy Finish Coat.

Recent Work

some handpicked projects we’ve done

Why Choose Spiral Chute ?

some reasons why you should choose Spiral Chute for your next project
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